Day 34 – 39.5 km (total – 667.7 km)


This was one of our favourite spots off the TCH for lunch. Ideal dog-walking spot!

I think I’m tired… and grumpy!

I woke up this morning after another mediocre sleep and could see my breath in the cold air surrounding my bed.  Putting my running clothes on was not fun… it’s just one notch of comfort away from putting damp clothes on.  The cold permeates my body in the RV.  I almost relish getting outside for my run, because I know I’ll warm up.  Today started off alright, but the knee started having pain again.  I was able to put in 21k without having to stop too much, but the afternoon run was tough.  I finished 39k later this afternoon, which put us in Pasadena.  Sarah cooked Pat’s rice for dinner, which was delicious, but now I’m sitting in Mary Brown’s smelling their “famous chicken”… dreading going back out into the cold RV to sleep.  Soon we will have propane again and all will be well.  Winter is my favourite season, but quite frankly, spring can’t come soon enough!


One of Sarah’s yummy lunches!

In the spirit of not feeling particularly inspired tonight, I’ll resort to pictures!  Here are some shots from the last month that haven’t made an appearance yet… some for good reason!


Jungle Jim’s Eatery… a nice little break from dinner in the RV – a few times!!


Koona?!?! Are you alive?!


Yep… yours truly. Sooo photogenic!


One of the colder nights when our generator was actually working!



Sometimes it seems like the road is too long! Hard to complain though when that sun is out!


Any idea what I was doing in short shorts and rubber boots?! Felt soooo good!

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