Day 26 – 42.4 km (yes!) (total – 496 km)


Not a prize-winning time, but slow is the name of the game!

Today, I ran my first marathon distance for the TMO Project.  I don’t want to bore anyone with too much running talk, but today is significant to me for a couple of reasons.  My training over the past year had been twofold – to increase my distance and to be able to run that distance consecutive days.  By early January, I was able to run about 30k, 3 days in a row.  So arriving at the marathon distance today is one step – the trick now is to do it again tomorrow!  Today is also significant because my right leg, which has had pain over the last couple of weeks, didn’t today (relatively speaking).  I’ll admit to being stubborn at times… (I mean, who isn’t?!)… but I was convinced that because I have always run on highways, the Trans Canada was really no different.  In an attempt to make a long story short, I always run facing traffic.  The slight gradient in the highway might be the cause of my leg pain as one foot is striking slightly higher than the other, which would lead to my hips shifting, etc.  Again, I don’t want to bore anyone, but the gist of it is that today I changed sides (even though both Sarah and my father suggested it about 2 weeks ago!), running with traffic and my IT band felt like it loosened up within minutes.  So although not a fan of having oncoming traffic at my back, I will switch back and forth to make sure my legs get equal “play time”, so to speak.


Lookin’ good!

Okay, enough running blabber.

To celebrate the marathon, Sarah cooked me an amazing pad thai dinner!  Well, to be honest, she would have cooked it regardless of how far I ran today…

A little stretching, a little recovery chocolate and crossed fingers for another good running day tomorrow!

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