Day 17/18 – 14.3 km (total – 330 km)


It’s been a frustrating last couple of days to be honest… I have been lucky enough to be injury-free the vast majority of my running career, but the last few days have been rough!  The good news – my IT band is feeling good.  The bad news – while ducking into the bushes the other day, I somehow pulled a muscle in my left leg.  When I gave walking a go yesterday, I started getting shin splints as well!  So, we found a hotel in Gander and decided to get out of the cold and be warm for a couple of days and rest.  In the course of these 9 months to come, it doesn’t seem like a big deal to take a few days to recover from a little injury like this… but I’ll tell you, it’s hard being out of commission and stuck just lying on a bed, doing nothing.

…it’s hard being out of commission and stuck just lying on a bed, doing nothing.

It’s the first time I’ve watched tv in about 4 weeks.  Apparently there was some snow in Toronto… and a lot of people slipping.  So there was a segment interviewing some doctor on how to “walk” properly in winter… what stance to take and what we should be aware of.  Am I in Canada?!  Seriously, non-profits fight tooth and nail to get media awareness about youth getting outside and with a few inches of snow on the ground, there is a one minute segment dedicated to how to walk in winter conditions!  I am confused, disturbed and ashamed!

One of the books I have enjoyed in the last year is Born to Run, by Christopher McDougall.  He recently did a TED talk… and my friend J Mac shared it with me.  It’s a pretty compelling argument for why we were born to run!

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