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Walking Together: (Re)Connecting to the Land through Storytelling

Join us for an interactive storytelling of a new picture book, 'Walking Together,' co-written by Elder Albert Marshall and Louise Zimanyi, illustrated by Emily Kewageshig (Annick Press, 2023). Grounded in Etuaptmumk/Two-Eyed Seeing (in Mi'kmaq), the gift of multiple perspectives, follow young children connecting to the Land as spring unfolds with Robin's return, Frog's croaking and Maple tree's gift of sap. Through art and conversation, we explore how braiding Indigenous and non-Indigenous ways of knowing together through responsible and reciprocal relationships benefits all.

Nature Play- the secret ingredient for wholistic child development

Join Devon Karchut for a practical workshop, infused with plenty of fascinating research to support the use of nature play. From the development of strong musculoskeletal systems, executive functioning, sensory-motor skills, and overall wellness, playful experiences in nature are an invaluable part of a healthy childhood. You will learn the basics of sensory-motor development, as well as practical ways to engage kids in meaningful play in nature. This workshop is geared for the K-6 crowd, as well as those who support neuro-diverse populations within schools and communities.

How Does Vulnerability Show up in the Outdoors? PT 2

Karen Lai works as an independent consultant in accessibility and inclusion. She works with businesses and organizations to increase the accessibility and inclusion of people with disabilities. She holds a Master of Arts in Human Kinetics where she examined the social theories behind social inclusion of people with disabilities. She has more than 20 years of working alongside with individuals with disabilities in the field of recreation, employment, government, and other community involvements.

Why leaders matter in advancing outdoor pedagogy in early learning, schools and communities

The research is clear - children and adults benefit from experimenting, exploring, co-investigating and learning outdoors. But, to make this shift from an indoor space, leaders have a significant role in changing practice. Educators benefit from being surrounded by leaders who embrace and become partners in collectively imagining the possibilities of children experimenting, exploring, co-investigating and learning outdoors in all kinds of spaces and places. This presentation will highlight why a shift in practice requires leaders to develop an outdoor pedagogy lens in their practice.

Taking Effective Breaks: Just Do it

This session is for anyone interested in learning about taking effective breaks as a sustainable wellness practice. Our two separate projects show surprisingly similar results: high school students, teachers, and pre-service teachers perceive breaks as vital to their wellbeing. First we will share the science behind breaks, learn from participants' voices, take a walking break, and reflect on how to implement breaks in our classrooms and lives.

Exploring Outside to Explore Inside: Social-Emotional Learning in Nature

I believe that a successful and positive outdoor program starts exactly how we begin any indoor classroom practice - with routines, expectations, and supports. To nurture our own self-awareness and self-management skills, we will explore a variety of activities such as bird language skits, basic tracking skills, and scavenger hunts. After all, when we understand natures rhythms, it is easier to feel safe and comfortable when learning and playing in an outdoor classroom.

Taking Curriculum Outdoors: the Nova Scotia Active Smarter Kids Approach to Learning

"Come have fun! Physically active learning (PAL) is an innovative, Norwegian teaching method in which classroom teachers incorporate physical activity into the review of curriculum outcomes. Come and experience what public education is beginning to feel like across Nova Scotia/Mi'kma'ki! Through inclusive and collaborative physically active learning lessons, we will explore the benefits of taking classroom learning outdoors and look towards the active and outdoor future of learning across Canada. The workshop will take place outdoors and is open to people of all abilities. www.nsaskproject.ca

Making Connections: Human Health, Environmental Monitoring, and Citizen Science for Students

As an education charity with a focus on environmental and natural resources Inside Education aims to help students and teachers uncover the connections between people and the environment. Through our water and air quality programs we focus on environmental factors that have an effect on human health. Come experience how we facilitate connections for learners through environmental monitoring and citizen science. We will showcase various qualitative and quantitative assessments we use in the classroom and outside to get a better understanding of water and air quality in an Alberta context.

A Better Sense of Nature

We were born with the ability to perceive the natural world in a deep and abiding way; with our senses tuned and primed. In this fast paced, technological world, we find ourselves seeing and listening to a world that is trapped behind glowing windows. In this workshop, you'll be introduced to a whole suite of activities that practice using your sight, hearing, feeling, smell and taste in new and innovative ways. From following scent trails, to bird whispering, from drawing sound to creating beautiful nature sculptures, we'll activate all of our senses so you can feel more connected to nature.

Activating Hope in Climate Justice Education through Inquiry and Reciprocity

Help young learners navigate the path from climate despair to empowerment, to agency, and to high-impact actions through an inquiry-based approach where learners experience themselves in relationship with the Land and each other in community. Participants will explore Branch I of Natural Curiosity (Inquiry and Engagement) and its associated Indigenous lens (Lighting the Fire: The Spirit of Learning) through a knowledge building circle informed by the lesson Children’s Rights and Climate Change (from Green Teacher’s book Teaching Teens about Climate Change) before unpacking key take-aways from an associated professional learning series and identi...