May We Be Peaceful: Inner Work for Systems Change

Cultivating our inner peace as educators and human beings is our greatest human technology. In alignment with Otto Scharmer’s Theory U for systems change; deep listening, deep terrain, and healing the gaps which disconnect us from our nature are our most promising means of re-connection. May our disruption become transformation as we move forward together into the future as architects of connection.

Through developing a practice of daily nature rituals with my Grade 2 class during challenging times, we intentionally attuned to our human nature on a daily basis. We sought refuge from the downward spiral among the leaves and changing seasons. We interrogated extractive practices and colonial doctrine; so deeply embodied and embedded that we didn’t know they could be shed or needed shedding. We found within ourselves through the green lens of our daily ritual, a return to our grounding among the roots, and the joy of emergence and flow.

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