Healing in Nature – Introducing The National Healing Forest Initiative

Breaking free of the walls which confine us can lead us in to nature, a space where we can heal, learn, and reconnect with ourselves and each other. The National Healing Forest Initiative founded by Patricia Stirbys, a Cowessess First Nation Lawyer, and Peter Croal, a Geological Consultant, after the findings of the 2015 Truth & Reconciliation Report, is an opportunity upon which you may wish to act as well. This workshop explores what and where the Healing Forests are and how they can fulfil a call to action towards reconciliation, addressing the 60’s Scoop, Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women & Girls, and Residential School Survivors and the ones who never returned. When we are in nature, we heal as we connect with the land. Establishing a Healing Forest in a park, school or churchyard, hospital, private land, or garden, offers us chances to open up a conversation about truth & reconciliation within the healing powers of nature beyond those confining walls. Here is how to do it.

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