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TrailCollectiv is breaking down barriers families face when hiking by providing detailed information to make it quick and easy to find places to explore and connect as a family.
“It started with a baby…
After I had my first baby in 2013, I knew that I had to take her outside. Part of it was because I wanted her to benefit from vitamin N (nature) but also because I needed it for my own post-partum health. I found that I was happier if I took my baby outside at least once a day and that the crying was not so loud outside.
But, the search for useful trail information and nearby attractions to these trails that benefit families was hard to find. Oftentimes, it did not even exist. I did not want to keep going to the same outdoor spot every day. I also was exhausted and trying to figure out where to go was overwhelming.
I learned that I was not alone.
Other families wanted to learn about these places too, whether it was the best mountain summit for a toddler, great all-terrain stroller-friendly trails, or local gems for ice cream and coffee.”
- Annika Mang (Co-Founder)

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