The Invasive Species Council of BC (ISCBC)


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ISCBC’s mission is to take action to build healthy landscapes, including habitats and communities, through education and responsible practices to prevent the spread of invasive species. Through our Invasive-Wise Education program we provide free curriculum-linked resources, activities and professional support to educators across BC so they can teach the next generation of environmental stewards to do their part to protect biodiversity against invasive species.

Key Resources

Educators in BC: Join Invasive-Wise Education for a free and engaging virtual visit to your classroom and one-on-one support to teach about and take action on invasive species in your community! Contact us to learn more, and check out all of our upcoming events at:
For more resources :


“I loved how very authentic the experience was. It was so local in its content and with the current emphasis on outdoor and Indigenous learning, it was a perfect fit with my grade 4 curriculum for both science and socials. The students were super engaged.” - Rebecca, Grade 4 Teacher, 150 Mile House

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