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Room to Play is an independent education consultancy influenced by pedagogies of place and play.
Megan Zeni is a SSHRC funded scholar researching teachers’ experiences and perceptions of education outside the classroom at the University of British Columbia. Learn more at

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Room to Play consulting offers whole systems thinking, strategic leadership, inspiring keynotes, research support, and practical professional learning for educators who locate their curriculum in school gardens and outdoor classrooms.

Room to Play consulting currently supports schools, school districts, parent advisory groups, education networks, ministries of education, faculties of education, and community partners as we collectively rethink where learning happens in our schools.

Room to Play consulting is currently available to speak, consult and mentor on topics relevant to childhood outdoors. Topics include, but are not limited to, unstructured play, risky play, playful learning, loose parts play outdoors, curriculum planning and assessment outdoors with school aged learners.

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