June 2023 Outdoor Learning Ideas

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#TMO4LearningChallenge: Ideas for June!

This is a portion of what we send to those participating in the #TMO4LearningChallenge each month! In this post, we’re passing on some of the ideas we share with our 4500+ Learning Challenge participants to support their commitment of weekly outdoor learning. For those who are not a part of this challenge, you can still have access to these outdoor learning ideas through our blog posts! We hope they also equip you with inspiration for your time outside. If you try one of these ideas we would love to hear how it went! Please email us (info@takemeoutside.ca) or tag us on Instagram (@take.me.outside) or Twitter (@takemeoutside)!

Outdoor Learning Activities

Indigenous STEAM

“All activities are interconnected and do not need to be done in any particular order. We learn from plants through our experiences with them, whether it be harvesting medicines, growing food in a garden, or simply paying attention to what grows around us. The plant activities are meant to support this kind of experiential and relational learning.”

My Seasonal Round

“A seasonal round: also known as the annual round … refers to the pattern of movement from one resource-gathering area to another in a cycle that was followed each year.” While this collection was created in BC, scroll through for a plethora of ideas applicable for many learners.

Read aloud

Select one of these Indigenous authored books, or choose from this curated list from the OLS, then head outside for a read aloud. And extend your lesson with these ideas from the Child & Nature Alliance of Canada.

Outdoor Learning Resources

Indigenous Land-Based Learning

“This resource was developed to demonstrate the journey of four Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario writers whose perspectives of Indigenous land-based learning grew through a process of self-reflection, an interview with an Indigenous advisor (knowledge holder) and exploration and summary of relevant resources and tips for educators.”

Indigenous Medicine Garden

The Manitoba Indigenous Medicine Garden project is an inspiration for all school gardens. It was created to showcase Indigenous medicinal plants and promote Indigenous knowledge as well as sustainable land stewardship. It continues to expand in its second year and is featured through Our Canada Project (an LSF initiative) to show the steps this school took to engage in this rich experience.

Learning resources about First Nations, Inuit and Métis across Canada

Explore the history, languages, cultures, and experiences of Indigenous Peoples in Canada, with topics such as women, girls & 2SLGBTQI+ people, environment, traditional knowledge & territory, children & youth, languages, cultures & arts, reconciliation, and trailblazers.

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