Rediscover Nature

“When I was a kid…”
Whether it’s stories of how far we walked to school, how much things cost, the food we ate for dinner – we all love reminiscing about what life was like growing up in our generation, whatever generation that may be. But most often, I hear the following from both friends and strangers who are over the age of 25:
“When I was a kid and the school bell rang, we played outside until our parents called us in for dinner. After dinner and any homework that needed to be done, we were back outside until the streetlamps came on.”

My generation didn’t live in a world void of technology. I loved watching tv and I owned the classic Atari 2600, while other friends preferred the Commodore 64 (I know – I’m dating myself!). But even with great shows like Different Strokes and The Facts of Life, and amazing games (insert sarcasm) like Space Invaders and Pong, my time in front of screens paled in comparison to the time my friends and I spent outside – riding bikes, building forts, or playing baseball in the playground across the street. Today, Canadian teenagers are spending an average of 8 Hours a day in front of screens. This is leading to rising rates of obesity, diabetes, and general poorer health. But younger kids love playing outside – they are constantly discovering nature in different ways. Somehow, as we become older, there is an increasing imbalance between the amount of time we’re spending in front of screens and the amount of time we’re spending outside.

Nature Valley approached Take Me Outside recently to see if we would be interested in partnering on their campaign #Rediscover Nature.  Admittedly, it’s sometimes easy to be skeptical of for-profit companies, thinking that anything the company does is an attempt to increase their bottom line. But in my conversations with them over the past couple of months, Nature Valley is committed to social corporate responsibility, and through this campaign, has the ability to make a positive impact on this issue. Anyone who is trying to help get more kids outside is a good thing. One of the pieces Nature Valley has produced is a great little video that has 3 generations talking about their childhood memories – it’s definitely worth the watch.

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