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Running down a dream one step at a time

One man's passion to run across Canada is taking on a greater purpose than he had ever imagined. From his house in Eagle Lake, Colin Harris, a bearded young man, with a long and lean physique spoke about how his dream to run coast-to-coast has evolved into an initiative to inspire, educate, raise awareness and encourage the next generation toward finding balance for a healthier life.  With his friend Sarah Powell of Nova Scotia, they formed the non-profit organization Take Me Outside to be part of a wave for change, which will start with the cross-Canada endeavour. "We need to encourage the youth whether it is youth starting outdoor clubs, a ...

Lighting The Fire

When the '88 Olympics were in Calgary, the torch made its way across Canada, similar to the recent Vancouver Games. I was in grade 7 and living in Winnipeg. Our school was let out midday to walk over to Portage Ave. where the torch relay was taking place. We all had mini torches in hand - ready to have them lit by the official torch. Portage Avenue was buzzing and as I got my mini torch lit, I began to run with the entourage that surrounded the real torch, as did many of my classmates. But I found myself continuing to run, and run and run. My classmates had turned around to walk back to school, but on a cold winter day, I ran to the city limits of ...

2013 Contest Winner Grade 1-6

1st place Winner Joshua Chen - Nepean, Ontario

2013 Contest Runners-up

3rd place Winner Kristin DeAmorim - Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario

2013 Contest Runners-up Grade 7-12

2nd place Winner Cassia Armstrong - Surrey, British Columbia

2013 Contest Winner Grade 7-12

1st place Winner Katie Mooney - Saskatoon, SK.