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Interview with VOCM News

I had an opportunity to speak with a reporter from VOCM News today. The following video is their report!

Emilee Heffern – Paradise, NL

Emilee is a grade 6 student at Holy Family Elementary and after a little chat from me to the school, she responded with the following… she gave me a copy so that I could share it with you! Hello, my name is Emilee Heffern.  I am a grade six student at Holy Family Elementary, and I am representing the student body in my message.  Today I am here to talk to you about the inspiration it is to be a part of the Take Me Outside program. My response to you is that children of Canada are spending too much time inside and not getting the right amount of outdoor activity you need every day.  I believe that everyone spends too much time in front of the ...

Day 1 – 28.8 km (total – 28km)

It was a windy morning in St. John's, but a beautiful blue sky hugged the horizon of the North Atlantic as I looked out from Signal Hill.  Today simply has been overwhelming... so many emotions and yet a busy day that kept my mind somewhat distracted from the big picture, which was probably a good thing!  I said a few words on Signal Hill (which I'll post soon), and then ran to down to the Terry Fox memorial for a brief word there.  I was too young to fully remember his run, but I have certainly read enough and seen enough to appreciate why he is such an important Canadian.  And while no one will duplicate what he did for this country, I think ...

Beattie Garden – Kamloops BC

James Gordon lives in Kamloops, BC and is a father of two sons.  This is an initiative he took on with his sons' school during his Master's program. The Beattie School of the Arts Outdoor Garden Classroom was officially started June 11, 2009. It started as a Masters program project and has since developed into a much loved and important part of this neighbourhood K to 7 school of 300+ students. The garden bed started as an old sand volleyball court and is now an organic vegetable and flower garden with sunflowers, potatoes, tomatoes, strawberries, broccoli, corn, zucchini, pumpkins, onions, herbs and more. It is part of regular school activities ...

A Few More Days

Well, after 15 years of dreaming about this and the past year spent planning it, I sit in St. John’s, NL days away from beginning this run across Canada. As we took the ferry on Tuesday from Sydney, NS to Port-Au-Basques, NL, I watched the big swells of the North Atlantic and thought… “there’s no turning back now”! I have been overwhelmed the last couple of weeks with last minute details, stuff that should be ready that isn’t and things I should know but don’t! I am learning the true meaning of the 11th hour. And I am learning that fulfilling this dream and taking the message of getting children and youth outside across the country ...

Running down a dream one step at a time

One man's passion to run across Canada is taking on a greater purpose than he had ever imagined. From his house in Eagle Lake, Colin Harris, a bearded young man, with a long and lean physique spoke about how his dream to run coast-to-coast has evolved into an initiative to inspire, educate, raise awareness and encourage the next generation toward finding balance for a healthier life.  With his friend Sarah Powell of Nova Scotia, they formed the non-profit organization Take Me Outside to be part of a wave for change, which will start with the cross-Canada endeavour. "We need to encourage the youth whether it is youth starting outdoor clubs, a ...

Lighting The Fire

When the '88 Olympics were in Calgary, the torch made its way across Canada, similar to the recent Vancouver Games. I was in grade 7 and living in Winnipeg. Our school was let out midday to walk over to Portage Ave. where the torch relay was taking place. We all had mini torches in hand - ready to have them lit by the official torch. Portage Avenue was buzzing and as I got my mini torch lit, I began to run with the entourage that surrounded the real torch, as did many of my classmates. But I found myself continuing to run, and run and run. My classmates had turned around to walk back to school, but on a cold winter day, I ran to the city limits of ...

2013 Contest Winner Grade 1-6

1st place Winner Joshua Chen - Nepean, Ontario

2013 Contest Runners-up

3rd place Winner Kristin DeAmorim - Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario

2013 Contest Runners-up Grade 7-12

2nd place Winner Cassia Armstrong - Surrey, British Columbia